Client Testimonials


"I couldn’t be more pleased with the level of service and attention to detail in purchasing my new home. They were true professionals from start to finish. They work extremely hard for your business."

          -L. Petrides


"The team listened closely to my needs. I was looking for a professional who could help me realize the best possible ROI. Instead of one broker, I got three working for me. They were definitely the right choice."

          -M. Wafer


Pam, Libby and Patti have some serious energy between the three of them and they’re amazing in their own way. From the design element to just finding the perfect spot, the just know your taste, where you want to be and really listen to your needs. They overcome obstacles too, so if you have the perfect house and it needs a little tweaking, they are really helpful in that area to help you visualize what could be."

          -T. Schmitt


 We got something off market because of their great connections. It was just an amazing experience and you’re foolish not to consider HWH for any of your needs throughout Denver…"

          -J. Zilinskis


"There was a personal warm touch to the relationship. They were good at communicating with sabot what we needed to do and when we needed to do it."

          -P. & P. Danner


"From my perspective, because I’ve worked with a variety of brokers in the Denver area, I just like that they state their opinion, they give you the bottom line but they’re not overly pushy about it because ultimately I have to the make the decision... I appreciated having that space. I appreciated that one of them would show up for showings. It wasn’t just a realtor showing up bringing their clients through. They actually tried to sell it, which I appreciated."

          -P. Coe


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